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    A comprehensive solution for your needs of printed packaging, promotional materials marketing and exhibition. somos=>Our group was founded 58 years ago, by Mr. Albert Levy, dedicated to the manufacture of cardboard boxes for the companies of Clothing and Footwear, during the following decades.
    In 1990, the second Generation of the Levy family, under the brand S.V. BAGS was the first in Colombia, to put the luxury bags for Boutiques, becoming leaders at national level, producing the bags of the most prestigious brands in the country.
    During the 1990s there were large, within the ELLIOT IMPRESORA folding line, added a microcorrugated carton plant, which did not meet the nascent packaging needs that, in addition to having an excellent impression, needed to have greater resistance.
    In addition to this, create a new line of Exhibition under the brand ALBERT ALLEN, from where we serve the marketing departments of the large multinational mass consumer products in the country.
    In 2000, we began exporting our products to the markets of Panama, the United States and the Virgin Islands.
    This effort has been allowed with the world-renowned brands in Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, United States, Barbados, Bahamas, Aruba, Curacao, San Bartolomé, among others.
    Today, while close to the day where the third generation of the family. Levy is ready to take control of the company, we are focused on, in addition to manufacturing the best product, offer our clients a comprehensive service, advising on graphic and structural design, offering security inventories, working in team for distribution logistics .
    The commitment of our company has been, is and will be to accompany our customers, regardless of size, and grow next to them, offering the alternatives that this increasingly changing market demands.


    We supply our customers packaging material and promotional products, complying with high quality standards, in quantity and opportunity required at competitive prices. Supported in: The intellectual capital of our collaborators, Infrastructure, adequate machinery and equipment and competent suppliers. Ensuring the sustainability, permanence and growth of our company, acting with respect to the human being, society and the environment.


    To be recognized worldwide as a leading company in the development of promotional and innovative products and promotional products, providing added value to our customers, by projecting their image and positioning our brand in the domestic and foreign markets.